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Tiradentes’ baroque style is not as exquisite as Ouro Preto and São João Del Rei, but it is undoubtedly the most charming of the historical cities of Minas Gerais. Located at the foot of the Serra de São José, the city was just a mining camp in the early 18th century. In 1718, it became Vila São José, in honor of the then Portuguese Prince D. José I. With the proclamation of the Republic, the city was renamed Tiradentes, name of the martyr of the Inconfidência Mineira (an attempt at emancipation from Minas Gerais in 1789), born nearby and who died fighting against the monarchy. When gold became scarce in the region, the city was forgotten and fell into dispair, it was rediscovered in late 1970. Exceptionally preserved thanks to the decades of long isolation, the Baroque architectural ensemble of Tiradentes gathers jewels like the charming fountain of the São José Fountain, built in 1749 to supply the city with drinking water and which runs until today. Also standing out in the city is the majestic Church of San Antonio, second in amount of gold in Brasil, with its front built by the artist Antonio Francisco Lisboa, better known as Aleijadinho, and an organ brought from Portugal, in 1788. Largo das Forras, the central city square, houses the City Hall and numerous handicraft shops, restaurants and inns. It was here, in 1888, that slaves gathered to celebrate the end of slavery.

The Santissimo Resort is the most complete in tourism and leisure structure in Tiradentes, and is located in the historic city center, just 2 minutes from Largo das Forras. The Santíssimo brings together the best options for your leisure, be it family travel, friends, couples, best age, honeymoon, vacation, business events and parties, the Resort is able to welcome you. It has green area of ​​172.000m², with 8.000m² of built area. The joint venture with Pousada Mãe D'água is part of a hotel complex with extensive experience and tradition in the city of Tiradentes, as well as bringing the most modern in the region, with the focus on improving the experience even more. of our audience with comfort, warmth and well being. The Santíssimo Resort, culturally, has the mission of welcoming its guests, as a good miner, valuing their well-being, with an individualized treatment. This focus and culture is only possible because the Blessed One prioritizes and values ​​the people who work at the Resort. All employees are ready to meet and solve guests' needs in a humane way.

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